Jacob Martin Photography

About me: Jacob Martin

Welcome to my website. I'm Jacob Martin, an “honorary northerner” in my late thirties. I'm a passionate photographer, and — as my day job — also a web designer. Originally from Hampshire, I moved to the Manchester area about a decade ago.

I'm fascinated by the landscapes of northern England and Wales; they're wilder and less cultivated than in the south. I love the bleak, barren high moors, the exposed crags, the reservoirs, the waterfalls, and the remnants of industry. I like to think that I appreciate these qualities all the more because they're new to me. Certainly I don't find it hard to find inspiration here.

I'm particularly enthusiastic about monochrome photography, and most of my work is now black and white. I love the way that it simplifies the image and focuses one's attention on underlying shapes, forms, and textures. I'm a keen student of photographic art, and have been influenced by the writings and imagery of many creative people, including: Edward and Brett Weston, Ansel Adams, Bill Brandt, Michael Kenna, Joe Cornish, Sebastiao Salgado, David Ward, Bruce Barnbaum, and Andreas Feininger.

In August and September 2015 I held a joint exhibition in Bolton with two photographer friends: Sue Berry and Chris Whitaker. Sue and I held another exhibition in April 2016 at the Wolfgang Webster Gallery in Cheadle. I've also had my work included in the Hoylake International Exhibition (2014), the Smethwick International Exhibition (2015), and the Midland Salon of International Photography (2016).

Portrait by kind permission of Chris Whitaker.